Electronic Market Padova

Electronic Market Padova was established in 1981 as a distributor of electronic components for the industial and elettrical field.
Its over 25 years of experience has permitted our company to grow and deliver components with satisfaction to all triveneto area first, and than to all over Italy with a well organized network of agents.

Our main headquarters are sited in Padova, where we have centralized offices, warehouses, finance & customer service.

Trough the selection of reliable partners we grant the customers a high level of quality and a huge rage of products. From our side we make our best to maintain the high level of speed and accuracy on service for a fluent delivery among all the supply chain.

More over where a hitches hides we prevent it: our strength is our stock (22.000items in more than 2000mq warehouses) kitting service (provide a kit solution of combined products also in low quantities/item), packaging and flexibility on the dispatch area. Our sales people are periodically trained and updated by our partners on the new products and solutions to be prompt to solve problems and support any customer need.

The quality of the service consists in supplying, at competitive prices, a wide range of products selected among the most qualified supplier companies that also have one of their priority features in technical support.

Electronic Market Padova S.R.L.

Via Germania, 5, 35127 Padova PD